Jesus is our message


Everything is about Jesus. From our songs to the message we preach, our goal is always to point people to Christ. (John 1:1,14, 20:28)

Love is our action

It’s not our job to judge, it’s our job to love. We will always preach the truth of God’s word in love. It’s our mission to be a beacon of HOPE and LOVE to all people. (1Cor 13:13, 16:14, Eph 4:2)

Serving is our privelege

We are a church full of people that don’t HAVE TO serve, we GET TO serve. We believe that reflecting the love of Jesus starts with serving others. (Mark 10:45)

Outreach is our mission

It is our passion to reach our city by helping meet the needs of our community in a tangible, practial way. (Mark 16:15, Matt 35-40)

Excellence is our spirit

No matter how big or small - we are committed to striving for excellence in everything we do. We give our best and let God do the rest. (Col 3:23)

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